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Zinc Might Be The Cure To Your Common Cold, New Study Shows

Zinc Might Be The Cure To Your Common Cold, New Study Shows
How can you stay well during the cold and flu season? Well, strict hand washing and taking care of yourself (getting enough sleep and exercise, etc.) are the obvious things. Now it’s official: zinc taken within the first 24 hours may also help. This is making news because a Cochrane review of 13 trials on Zinc has shown results in favor of Zinc.

The common cold in adults is often caused by the rhinovirus. It is a leading cause of visits to the doctor and missed days from school and work. There is no proven treatment for the common cold, but there may be some hope in Zinc.

Zinc works by inhibiting rhinoviral replication. Zinc lozenges or syrup has been shown in studies to be beneficial in reducing cold symptoms and shortening the duration of your cold when taken within 24 hours of cold symptoms. Taking zinc for 5 days also reduces absenteeism from school and work.

There is potential for side effects and some people taking Zinc lozenges report bad taste and nausea. The dose and delivery (lozenge vs. syrup) has not been specifically tested.

Long term zinc may also help. Zinc, when supplemented for at least five months, reduces cold incidence, school absenteeism and prescription of antibiotics in children. Just remember, there is potential for zinc lozenges to produce side effects.