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Sing On Sunday At Church




Everyone affected by Huntingtons Disease ..I have been
provided a permission letter (and IRS tax ID )to plan a NATIONWIDE fundraiser
for HDSA ! This disease has cut enough lifes short.. My wife died in 2003.. &
my 4 children are”at risk” …I know everyone understands how devastating HD is
to all our families.
I need everyones help in every state ..This will be a “candles of hope” event !
We have appx 2 1/2 months to plan and get ready..April 1-15 2011 is the planned
date of this event. In every location we will publicize by newspapers and radio
public service announcements so the public will be aware of our event and that
we will going door to door.
We are using jar candles (candles of hope) and for each $10 candle donation
$5.00 goes to HDSA for research ! This will be like the school fundraisers kids
do for special causes…ie a sheet where each person who donates fills in their
choice of candle (scent ect )and their name and address for the candle delivery
and amount donated.
If you will organize in your local area.. I would appreciate your
615-666-4264 godsheartministries@…