Make HD an Election Year Issue


Make HD an Election Year Issue Take Action! 

HDSA Candidate Questionnaire

As you know, 2010 is an election year.  There are more than 1,000 candidates running for the US Congress and we want them to support Huntington’s Disease if elected!

We’ve sent each candidate for Congress a questionnaire about HD . We now want every candidate to return the questionnaire and show their support for the HD Parity Act and people with the disease.

We need your help!  Will you please send an email to the candidates in your area and ask them to return the questionnaire?  All you have to do is customize the message below.  It’s that easy and can make a huge impact.

Please note that the HDSA does not support or oppose any candidates for elective office.  Our goal is to educate them about HD and to ask if they will support us if elected on November 2nd.

Thank you and please contact me if I can be of any help to you.




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