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I was, in an abusive relationship. I waited a year, for Trevor. He was, different. Within, a month we knew, we wanted, to get married. We, never, fight or disagree, ever. 6 months, into, our relationship, I got sick.He, married me, anyway. I never, ever, thought, I would get, married, with HD. We are a perfect match. He is my strength, behind me.


I Did a Speech With Them and Inspired Their JHD Inititive


The Faith & Hope Society June/July Newsletter

Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:52 pm (PDT)

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This months FHS newsletter has a heart warming article by Kimberly on what it meant for her, personally, to attend her first HDSA Convention [in Raleigh] including her observations on the importance of the National Youth Alliance!!! There’s also articles featuring the Mundy Family from Jacksonville and the CURE Juvenile HD Initiative [http://jhdkids. com/], as well as coverage on other FHS new projects.

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In the Hospital


2 nights, ago, I was in the hospital. I got heat exhaustion and dehydration.  I was out, in the sunshine, for 2 hours. I got dizzy and used, my lifeline.  There, was no, air condertioner, on. It, made, my body, on fire.  They, came and put  cold compresses, on me. It, took, me 3, hours,to cool, down. I have, been drinking, like crazy.