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Can’t Blog Today


They Wrote that Blog For Me


My, horse Riding, has me healthy. I have a strong,, back know and strong legs I have special Balancing shoes, that Alice got me. They, keep, me completely balanced..  Even thought, I am healthy, they keep, bothering me with the Walker. They, want to force it on me. I am to healthy, I Dont need it know. When I  get am sicker, yes.. Not know. . I  thnk, that we all be cured, before I needed it. We won’t get sicker, we re all going to get  better.

Trouble Walker


Today I asked Doreen, to come with me to see my crops.  Doreen asked me if I wanted to use the walker.  When she asked me I said no.  I will not use the walker.  I felt scared.   I’m too healthy to use it.  and don’t need it.  Horse riding has changed me and now I am  healthy.  And now I have a level back now and I have strong legs too.  If and when I need to use a walker I will.  Never shoot down help when it is offered.  I stop people sometimes because I don’t like change.  So I ask you not to stop people when they offer to help you even though it is hard.  It takes a lot of courage to accept help and change and we who have HD have enormous courage.  Never give up!!!  Don’t ever give up on change.  Change is good for us.  Challenges are good for us.  We are all strong together and we can handle this together.  We are not alone.